Module “HOW” is made up of 4 units: planning, lifestyle, self-management and Dual Career transition & new environments. You will find practical advice, tips and tools on “HOW” to support a Dual Career athlete.

I. Planning

One of the greatest challenges for Dual Career athletes is to have an effective and comprehensive plan that covers all aspects of their Dual Career lives. In this chapter Parent/Guardian will find some answers how to support the athlete, the importance of planning, which are some useful self-assessment, goal setting, self-evaluation and time management planning tools and how to use them.

II. Lifestyle

The lifestyle of an athlete with a Dual Career is special and requires more support in both, the sports and educational environment. Check out some tips for Parents/Guardians on how you can help.

III. Self-management

Read more about what is the Parents/Guardian role in supporting self-managing Dual Career athletes to better budget, health, well-being, nutrition and dealing with anti-doping issues.

IV. Dual Career transitions & new environments

Athletes ’ Dual Careers are often accompanied by change due to different reasons like change of the sports environment, a change of the educational environment, but also due to an injury, family reasons or due to the end of a sports career.