SELF-MANAGEMENT: Supporting self-managing

“What I tell student athletes is first of all, you’ve made good choices this far in order to be able to be in college and to be an athlete. Keep making good choices.” — Condoleezza Rice, former US Secretary of State

Good practice guidelines for Parent/Guardians to support the athletes

Research from the National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA) in the United States shows that college athletes rely significantly on their families for academic, emotional and financial support In these chapters we cover how family can support the athlete academically, the health and well being of the Dual Career athlete and now we look at supporting self-management and independent living. One of the things that is emerging for the research is the additional stressors  that Dual Career athletes face. From the NCAA research the idea of families being “appropriately” involved in their lives was key to the happiness and well being of the athlete. “Appropriately Involved” will mean different things to different athletes but the idea of supporting independent living, resilient but strongly supported student athletes is the ethos behind the EMPATIA project.


There are things to consider when going to college and managing your finances. The Competition and Consumer Protection Authority of Ireland give some useful hints and tips to managing your budget on a week to week basis. There are some simple tips that can help the Dual Career athlete integrate into their daily lives. Follow this link to check out the article. Below click on the icon and you can download a simple excel sheet to help with your financial planning.

Financial Planning

Financial planning apps

There are some excellent easy to use apps out there already that will help you plan a budget and keep track of your spending. Click on the logo for a link.

Presenting yourself to sponsors

UK Sport has produced an excellent guide for athletes who want to seek their own sponsorship. Click on the picture to download.