Welcome to the EMPATIA platform for dual career parenting open to all parents of athletes as students to empower their support of talented and elite athletes combining sport and education/work.  

This platform has been developed within the European-funded Erasmus+ Collaborative Partnership Education Model for Parents of Athletes in Academics (590437-EPP-1-2017-1-SI-SPO-SCP). 

Ten universities and sport institutions from six Member States (e.g., Ireland, Italy, France, Malta, Portugal, and Slovenia) with a consolidated experience and research in dual career at national and European levels developed the platform through a customer-driven approach involving dual career parents and experts in the co-construction process of key information. 

Our goal is to be useful in providing comprehensive information and advice to support the parental role of dual career talented and elite athletes. 

As a parent of an elite athlete as student, we do request your help in sharing your experience to make dual career parenting more effectiveYou can contribute by writing a blog, suggesting an article, and sharing our contact with other parents 

Facts & Figures (EMPATIA programme) 

  • 14 scientific publications involving parents of student-athletes reviewed. 
  • 115 dual career parents (F=49, M=66) from France, Ireland, Italy, Portugal and Slovenia participated in focus groups aimed to gain a thorough understanding of the parental needs in dual career. The workshops addressed five themes related to dual career parenting: 1) the athletes’ needs; 2) the sports environment; 3) the academic environment; 4) dual career-related policies and services; 5) The educational resources for dual career parenting. A list of 80 statements relevant for dual career parenting education was developed. 
  • 32 dual career experts from 11 countries (Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, and Sweden) validated the 80 statements. 
  • 489 dual career parents engaged to integrate ideas and knowledge as a sound basis for a specific education programme on dual career parenting.